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Handheld Lights

SOL Venture Light 3000 Recharge with Power Bank
SOL Venture Light 3000 Recharge with Power Bank

  • Lantern-Power Bank Combo: A rechargeable lantern and power bank in one
  • Rechargeable Battery: Plug in the integrated USB cord to recharge the battery
  • Convenient Power Bank: Capable of charging multiple devices on a fully charged battery
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: Pick the perfect mode for any situation with High, Medium, and SOS Flash
  • Hang Anywhere: With wire bail hooks and magnets, hang on branches, rope, cars, tent poles, or anywhere you need some extra light
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MAP: $41.99
MSRP: $41.99
SSI SKU: 1133309
UPC: 707708213052
MPN: 0140-1305
Brand: SOL
Available: 4

Leapers UTG Libre Intensity Adjust LED 700 Lumen Flashlight
Leapers UTG Libre Intensity Adjust LED 700 Lumen Flashlight

  • Best in Class CREE LED with 700 Lumen and UTG uniquely designed integrated reflector and bulb
  • Integral user configurable brightness regulator with infinity loop and memory function can scale from 700 to 20 lumen
  • Additional strobe mode activated via main body selector pad; Textured rubber end cap button serves as main power/momentary on/off
  • Knurled and slotted body textures throughout for superior handling; Aggressive serrated strike face
  • Removable Tactical Grip Assist and additional Grip Spacer; Dual end cap lanyard slots
  • 45 degree angled offset Picatinny ring mount; IPX7 Waterproof Rated. Will be able to Withstand Immersion in Water Up to 1 Meter for Up to 30 Minutes
  • Supports rechargeable CR123A and 18650 batteries; Includes 2 x CR123 non rechargeable
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MAP: $89.97
MSRP: $94.97
SSI SKU: 1124732
UPC: 4717385551251
Brand: Leapers
Available: 3

Coleman Batteryguard 50M Flashlight

  • BatteryGuard technology disengages batteries to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion when light is off and provide Power When You Need It 
  • Provides up to 25% longer battery life versus a Coleman light without BatteryGuard technology while under normal use 
  • BatteryGuard technology automatically engages when you turn off the flashlight
  • Comfort-grip design lets you securely and comfortably hold your light 
  • Rubber-edged bezel for extra drop protection 
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MSRP: $12.99
SSI SKU: 1116212
UPC: 076501243291
MPN: 2000032705
Brand: Coleman
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