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SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow 80lbs
SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow 80lbs

  • Experience all the fun of crossbow target shooting without the slow loading and hassle that comes with a full sized crossbow
  • Dial in your maximum accuracy quicker with the easy to use red-dot sight that makes the crossbow more formidable and be a lot more fun to use
  • Use the included foot stirrup and cocking mechanism to easily prepare the crossbow and launch miniature bolts at blistering speeds of up to 150 feet per second
  • Designed to use 7 inch aluminum bolts for best performance; the Gremlin Pistol Crossbow is also calibrated to accurately fire plastic darts
  • Launch more accurate shots in a shorter span of time so your target practice includes more time shooting and less time spent reloading or looking for lost bolts
  • Shoots up to 150 FPS
  • Features tactical grip
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