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ThrowRaft TD2401 Mounting Bracket with Hardware

  • Built to secure and protect the TD2401 flotation device and keep it in the best condition for when emergency situations arise
  • Includes the mounting bracket and the mounting hardware; can be attached to bulkheads, most center consoles, and railings
  • Features a secure snapping lid and a sloped bottom to encourage condensation drainage from the 2 drainage holes
  • Equipped with a clear window so you can view the device and confirm its condition without removing it from the case
  • Crafted of durable ASA-geloy plastic that is UV resistant and protects the flotation device from the elements
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MAP: $74.99
MSRP: $99.99
SSI SKU: 1112773
UPC: 793573183873
MPN: 3303
Brand: ThrowRaft
Available: 3

ThrowRaft Survivor Personal Safety Life Raft Co2 Re-arm Kit

  • Compatible with automatic and manual models of the ThrowRaft Survivor life rafts
  • This kit contains a single-use 86 gram CO2 cylinder for rearming purposes
  • Includes a pin, bobbin, and a green activation clip for rearming your raft
  • Rearm your flotation devices so they have additional uses in case of emergency
  • This kit can also be kept as a spare so you can be prepared for rescue situations
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MAP: $39.99
MSRP: $49.99
SSI SKU: 1114863
UPC: 040232534270
MPN: 7707
Brand: ThrowRaft
Available: 2

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